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Written by yaya

The garden, as we know, is one of the environments loved by all cats. But every cat often wants to have their own little corner, where they can play, doze off, roll around and climb. And what about winter days, when the cat just doesn’t want to go out and prefers to hole up in a warm corner of the house?

Kitten- Best Hammock Swing

If your cat is playful and also cuddly, he loves getting his nails done, climbing, and playing. In our opinion, the best solution is to give him a cat hammock. Read on, and discover the available solutions, from the suspended hammock, hammock for the radiator, to hammock with scratching post!

Hanging hammock for cats JZK

This model of cat hammock can be conveniently fixed inside your window but also outside during summer or spring days. The hammock is, in fact, equipped with two super suction cups and steel cables, so you will never have to fear for the safety of your cat.

The JZK cat hammock measures 55cm long and 32cm high and features a soft fleece blanket decorated with cat paw prints. The cover has dimensions of 60 x 70 cm. This hammock is suitable for cats of all ages and all breeds. But consider that it has a maximum capacity of 20 kilos, so if your cat is heavier, our advice is to choose a model of cat hammock with a higher capacity.

Thanks to this hammock, your cat will be able to stay warm and enjoy the rays of the sun during the cooler days or stay on the balcony during the hottest days. If you have an explorer cat, who always loves looking out the window, this product is for him, in our opinion! However, remember to install this hammock model. It is necessary to have smooth glass windows rather than frosted ones.

Trixie model cat heater hammock

Here, on the other hand, we have a real radiator hammock for cats. Your cat approaches the radiator, and he wants to jump on it to get warm? Keep him safe, and to prevent him from exposing himself to excessive heat, buy him the Trixie Cat Radiator Hammock.

This hammock model has a metal heart and a super soft off-white plush exterior, which is sure to please your cat. The hammock measures 45cm wide by 24cm long and 31cm high and is suitable for radiators up to 19cm wide. Given its size, in our opinion, it is suitable for cats weighing around 7 – 8 kilos, while for adult cats, it may be necessary to purchase a model with a higher maximum capacity.

But if you have puppies at home, this hammock is perfect. Your kittens will love it right away, and they will jump on top of it and enjoy the warmth of the radiator, perhaps trimming their nails on the soft plush cover. If the upholstery becomes dirty after a while, simply remove it from the metal frame and follow the washing instructions. In any case, we recommend a delicate wash, preferably by hand.

Kerbl 2.0 cat hammock

We come to a more traditional hammock model, where your cat can spend quiet hours swinging lazily. In our opinion, the Kerbl 2.0 model of cat hammock for cats has the great advantage of being made of completely ecological materials.

It is the right choice for those who care about their baby’s health! This hammock rests on a solid natural wood frame and is equipped with a very thick and resistant linen fabric mat. The overall dimensions of the hammock are 61cm long, 29cm wide, and 37cm high. Assembling this cat hammock takes just a few minutes.

In our opinion, the great advantage of this product is that it is a truly hygienic solution for your cat. Indeed, the Kerbl 2.0 cat hammock is not only made of natural materials. The hammock cloth can be removed and washed in the washing machine even at high temperatures to guarantee your cat maximum hygiene.

Todeco cat hammock with a scratching post

If you really want to pamper your cat, in our opinion, this structure with hammock, scratching tree, ladder, and three platforms are ideal. The Todeco structure offers a lot of space for your cat, allowing it to sharpen its claws, to play, but also to snuggle up and rest when it has been. It is also a structure made entirely of ecological materials Engineered Wood Faux Fur Sisal, but let’s see how it is composed. Here you will find:

  • a cat house with dimensions of 30 x 30 x 42 cm
  • 4 poles
  • a mouse-shaped toy attached to a coordinate
  • a hammock with the dimensions of 30 x 30 cm
  • 3 platforms arranged on various levels
  • a ladder
  • space-saving small base

The structure is covered in velvet, offers plenty of space for your cat, and can accommodate cats up to 5-6 kilos weight. Assembly is simple and takes no more than thirty minutes. We are sure that your cats will love their house, and they will almost never leave it.

FEANDREA Cats Climb Tree 

For the most cheerful and lively cats, here is a hammock equipped with a scratching post, which provides your cat with a cozy corner, all his own, where he can relax and play without damaging your furniture. This structure consists of:

  • a comfortable hammock, which on occasion can also act as a berth
  • a scratching post tree
  • a ball for the game
  • a platform where your cat can sit and observe everything that happens around him

This cat hammock has a maximum capacity of 7 pounds and measures 40cm in length, 36cm in width, and 12cm in depth. The overall height of the structure is approximately 70 cm. The assembly of the station is very easy, although we recommend that you mount the cat hammock in a corner or against a wall always to have maximum stability. The hammock is made entirely of beige flannel, a fabric that will keep your cat warm even during the coldest days.

In a nutshell, cats are able to spend hours on a windowsill or lying on the balcony, watching the world move around them. Thinking about this characteristic, we have chosen to take care of the hammocks created just for them. For some years, these objects have been present on the market in homes where the cat is part of the family. Of the first models a few years ago, the hammocks have kept their shapes, but the construction structures have been improved over time, making these objects more and more safe and resistant.

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