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6 Tips on Staying Warm while Camping in a Hammock

6 Tips on staying warm while camping in a hammock
Written by yaya

A hammock is one of the essential things you need when visiting various places; people from different places always go to different locations for fun activities. There are many different activities that you can engage in while outside; among them is camping, adventuring, hunting, among other fun activities. It is one thing that can make you feel cold while camping. Here you will find people complaining of cold when the outside temperature is 60 degrees. When it starts feeling like this, especially at night, you need to find additional insulation methods to keep you warm.

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People need better ways to keep themselves warm while camping. Due to the demand and everything, a solution to this problem is essential. This article has accumulated various ways to help you stay warm while camping in a hammock.

Use sleeping pads

As much as warm clothes are there to keep you warm, you can enhance the warmth by sing sleeping pads as they will insulate you and prevent heat from losing to the environment. However, it is not just any sleeping pad; you should always choose the insulated and inflatable sleeping pads to give you the warmth you need. How do sleeping pads work? When you compress the sleeping pad with the weight of your body, you make it able to easily retain the hot air you produce and which is within.

Various hammocks are available; the double hammocks are designed with inner compartments that perfectly hold sleeping bags or pads. Not use the others, but most people use the doble hammocks to deliver the expected results. With sleeping pads, you will efficiently get them useful. They are made with an extra layer that creates a pocket meant for holding the pad in a position in that it remains in its place while you are sleeping at night. What is even perfect about this is even when you are sweating, you do not have to worry because the pads allow the condensation to make its way through the material next, then collect at the pad’s top.

People with single-layer hammocks should not feel left out, too, because they as well allow you to use an inflatable pad. However, you might not get the level of comfort you desire in this due to the foam folding.

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Consider top insulation

Do you wonder why a significant percentage of people choose to sleep using a quilt rather than a sleeping bag? It is because the quilt occupies minimal space, and thus it won’t give you any form of stress when using it in a smaller space. This does not mean that you can’t use a sleeping bag, camping blanket, fleece blanket, or wool; you can use all these alternatives as long as you are sure they will keep you warm. The whole idea ensures that the hot air does not escape to the outside, and with top insulation using the materials mentioned earlier, it will be possible.

Quilts are considered hoodless and lightweight than sleeping bags, and they can be availed in various temperature rating. Most of them are designed with a foot box and clothing covering the user like a regular blanket. With these, you can easily sleep either on your side or your back, and whenever you want to get up, it can be easier for you to move them, leaving the hammock at night.

6 Tips on Staying Warm while Camping in a Hammock

Set your hammock at lower levels

Setting your hammock at lower levels intends to protect the user from the wind. Wind can easily strip away your warmth, and therefore, if you protect yourself from it, you will sleep warmly. You can avoid wind by simply lowering your tap closer to the ground where there is minimal wind blowing, or if you find this hard, you need to look for hammocks with doors to help you make a cocoon when sleeping

As your main aim is to protect yourself from wind, you also have the option of buying hammocks with top covers on the top layer that will enable you to retain the heat you produce in there. Some people even design and add the cover to their hammocks, giving them the warmth they need as the wind does not affect them.

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Wear warm clothes

It is so evident if you want to feel warmer in a hammock, you should wear warmer clothes. Dress differently from how you do when sleeping in a sleeping bag because the hammer is colder than a sleeping bag and thus get something that will make sure you retain the hot air within and produce by the body. If you choose to sleep in a quilt, then one thing you should not forget is a hat or bunny over the head to avoid getting cold.

At the same time, people choose to purchase insulated hoods, perfect for one to use when they feel cold while in a quilt Moreover, you can find insulated boots, gloves, and sleeping jackets that leave you warm all night, try putting on the long fleece underwear as well rather than the ordinary underwear people put on to bed.

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Use a Quilt.

Under quilts are essential when sleeping in the hammock because they trap heat and block wind from attacking you. A quilt is an insulated blanket that hangs underneath the hammock. Are you wondering how the quilt works? Here is how it forms a patch of warm air between the hammock and quilt, which later traps heat, providing warmth and insulation, Most people camping always chose to use the top hammock created for the hammock; these are lightweight, making them more convenient even to carry along your adventures.

6 Tips on Staying Warm while Camping in a Hammock--hammocks Find a natural shelter

Find a natural shelter.

When setting up your hammock, you need to find a natural shelter and ensure that you can have full control of the wind. Therefore, you should keenly observe the direction and speed of the wind because the wind is one of the top things that will prevent you from getting warm. It is advisable to set up your hammock behind a vast tree or rock and avoid putting up the hammock in an open area because the wind will affect you. With this, you can stay warm all night without fighting with the wind.

The bottom line

Camping is fun if you keep yourself warm all night because colds sometimes come with infections. Therefore, you need to understand the various ways to stay warm in hammocks. You can choose the most convenient ones and work with them. Among all the ways mentioned above, you will always find something that will work for you.