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Can You Have Sex in a Hammock?

Written by yaya

Yes, you can have sex in a hammock, and it is not difficult to do when you are with your partner during a vaccination. When having sex in a hammock, it is advisable to use basic styles of doing sex like missionary with the guy using two legs on the flow to maintain balance since the hammock keeps singing. Usually, many people when go camping, different thoughts come to their mind and when they are in a hammock, one thought that comes to their mind is whether to do sex at that place. You can have free sex there.

Hammocks exist in different forms like there are those which are gathered-end such as Brazilian, Mayan, or those used for camping. That hammock which has spread bars, is considered to be the best for sex since they have a large surface area like a bed for partners to sleep well for sex.

Doing sex in a hammock chair seems more challenging than a regular hammock is because the chair usually swings in different directions the making stability to be hard to find. However, it can be possible if you are having sex with the girl on top. This article has different tips on how to do sex swing in a hammock and the styles that are easily used to do sex swing in a hammock.

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Sex in a Hammock: Tips and Tricks

1. Make the most of the Hanging Height

Use the hanging height to give you more advantage. This helps in getting the position of the hammock right. If you need the hammock to be as low as possible to reduce the center of gravity, then use the hanging height. You can also raise the height to higher heights; it also will protect you from touching the flow when you are doing sex.

As you know, sex is an act that needs a comfortable place for it to be sweet; therefore, it is advisable to ensure that the height of the hammock is well to enable easy flow of the reaction between the two partners who are doing sex in a hammock.

2. Lean on your legs for support.

Use legs for support. When you lower the hammock’s height, it means it will be easy for you to touch the flow, so as a man, it will be easy to balance the hammock depending on the style you are using for sex.


When you are using like dog style, and the hammock’s height is small to enable you to step on the flow, the hammock will be in a position that doesn’t disturb you from swinging. The use of legs is the best way to set the stability of the hammock for the guy to keep one leg or two legs on the floor.

3. Don’t try to be inventive.

Don’t be creative. We all like to be creative in doing things, but when it comes to doing sex in a hammock, you need to be humble about how things are taking you. You need to stick to simple styles of doing sex in a hammock-like missionary because they give you humble time to have sex since, at the hammock, the level of stability sometimes is less, so doing sex in a simple style is the way to go; other styles that you think can work better needs to be done in a different place which will support the act.

4. Instead, try 69.

If missionary is not good for you, you can try 69 instead. This is a style in which the two partners are having sex faces different directions. This style is good in this place since there is less motion involved while having sex. You need to keep one leg on the floor to increase the stability of the hammock, which is considered ideal if the ground is wet.

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5. For Seclusion, use a Hammock tarp.

Use the hammock tarp to increase your privacy. If you are in the middle of an empty forest without people, you need not worry since there is no place where sex cannot be good for a human being or partners in love. If you are at a campsite, you need to consider potential passers-by. A hammock tarp is usually made so that the sides of the hammock are angled downwards to increase the privacy of the people inside it. There are those used in winter that has both sides, and zipper doors are the best in this case.

6. Are you planning on spending the night in the hammock with a friend? Reconsider your position.

Thinking of sleeping in the hammock the whole night? It seems comfortable since all hammock is made so that when two people are in, they tend to move to the center, so it will be very uncomfortable to sleep a whole night at the center. It is also impossible to move when sleeping on this device or get up to go to the toilet at night; you have to wake up your partner since along, as you move, your partner has to be disturbed by your move.

Cuddling in a hammock is very nice, but the time you feel that you need to sleep, it is important for you to use a different hammock during the night to allow comfortable sleep since the whole day you have been in action which needs each of you to have a peaceful night. You can consider using a tandem bar to bring the hammocks closer together at night and sleep peacefully. At the same time, you can still share the same tarp.

Challenges you Encounter when using a Hammock for Sex

Weight restrictions. It is important to check your weight before entering the hammock because you need to be sure that the equipment will not collapse when you are in the act. When you are doing sex, you move around so much; these moves add some pressure, making the hammock collapse.

Boarding is another challenge experienced. At first, have to consider who will climb first to the hammock because this is not a bed where anyone can climb to the bed for sex; the hammock usually swings. The swinging adds an element when you are settled on it for sex.

Getting on it. This is another bold step one has to consider. You are going to figure out the right style to use to ensure that the stability of the hammock is good for the act. It would help if you recommended something easy for both of you to do. The best style recommended for sex in a hammock is missionary or 69.