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Do I Need A Bug Net For My Hammock?

Do I Need a bug net for my Hammock
Written by yaya

To those who have fear of insects and bugs, spending your precious time outdoors becomes a challenge. Although during the daytime when relaxing, you are alert to keep the bugs at bay, when sleeping it gets uncomfortable.

A solution to this is a bug net. It is used alongside the hammock to keep you enjoying, resting, and relaxing as you wish. It might not seem to come in hand during the cold days, but as warm weather comes it becomes a need. Below we get more in-depth information about a bug net for your hammock.

Do I Need A Bug Net For My Hammock?

Although during the cold season mosquitoes and other bugs are not normally a problem, there is a need for a bug net in your hammock. Since they might not be many, even a few would be a nuisance. When the temperature rises, they can begin to increase in number. For this reason, bug nets are ideal protection from these bloodsucking creatures. Bug net protects you from a great deal of dealing with malaria and the pain caused by the harm of bugs. A bug net is a guarantee of deep and uninterrupted sleep.

pys Hammock Bug Net – 12’ Hammock Mosquito Net

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Are you looking for a lightweight yet spacious bug net that gives you the convenience you need? pys Hammock Bug Net is what you need. The outdoor hammock has a size of 12 inches x 4.4 inches that enable you to move around your sleep unrestricted since it fits any hammock. The bug net is secure enough to keep the bugs and the mosquitoes away from the hammock whereby you can sleep like a log. Besides, it is breathable and has adequate ventilation offering you 360 degrees coverage and protection.

The pys Hammock Bug Net features a vertical zipper line that offers you easy access. It has a 12 inches mosquito net and 1 ridgeline. It is convenient to hang on tree straps with hooks, and ties to the trees with a ridgeline. Using it is easy as it is easy to set up even for beginners. Besides, it’s lightweight and portable thus a backpacker will approve it since it weighs as little as 21.5 ounces.


  • It’s a great quality product.
  • Fits perfectly to a double hammock size.
  • Offers overall protection from bugs and mosquitoes.
  • Easy to set up.


  • No con found


How To Choose The Best Bug Net For My Hammock?

In the market, each bug net has a distinction in features and benefits whereby it makes it have competition with other bug nets. Therefore, when buying a bug net there is a need to consider some factors to buy the best.

  • Weight

The bug nets vary in weights and strengths, a heavier net is more durable, long-lasting while resisting tearing. This is better as the bug and mosquitoes cannot get in. Hikers and backpackers prefer a lightweight bug net that will be easy to stuff in the bags and carry for camping purposes. Thus a hiker can look for one that is compact while others go for a heavier net.

  • Easy to set up

Not all models of bug nets are easy to work with mostly for beginners. Thus, there is a need to buy one that is easy to set up. To know the best in the market, choose the one that is highly rated by other users on their ease of install.

  • Ease of use

When in a hammock shielded with a bug net, you will find the need to go for nature’s call. At this point, there is a need to have an easy-to-use bug net whereby you can get in and out easily. Also, ensure that easiness of use can enable you to get out without getting tangled in it.

  • Mesh or No-See-Um netting

The common types of bug net are mesh and no-see-um nets and the differences are breathability. A mesh netting is similar to the mosquito netting that has small holes where a breeze can get through a hammock while the no-see-um netting is tight-woven hence breeze cannot get in. In the no-see, it can get too hot and humid while in warm climates.

Since the types of bugs and mosquitoes differ, make your choices wisely. Take mesh nets when it is warm and during the daytime for the breeze, while the no-see are better at night with cold temperatures meaning no breeze and no bugs.

  • Materials

When choosing the best for the bug net, you ought to make an efficient and durable product. Among the best materials are nylon, and cotton for a bug net. Nylon is best as it’s breathable, lightweight, and waterproof that consists of features you need in a bug net. Cotton is light and breathable however it can get uncomfortable and heavy if absorbed by rainfall while polypropylene is lightweight while not durable at all, thus not recommended.

  • Color

Color is an important determinant when choosing a bug net. Ensure to choose a light color as it will reflect away much heat. Otherwise, dark colors will absorb more light and heat. They make you feel suffocated and warm in a bug net.

  • Price

Avoid spending an unnecessary amount of money to acquire a superb quality. Although the higher the price, the higher the quality. You can find affordable bug nets that will last for years. The only thing you need to note is the features and quality you need, from there looking for pocket-friendly prices.


The Benefits Of Using A Bug Net Hammock

When chilling and relaxing in nature, it is refreshing and calming. However, it has its cons because of the bugs that come from the thick vegetation. Below we look at the benefits of using a bug net for your hammock.

  • Protection from harm and diseases

These biting insects, bugs, and mosquitoes may hold germs that can harm us or cause malaria. By using a bug net, you are protected from such challenges.

  • An alternative solution to items of clothing and sprays

During the hot summer season, having many clothes on may cause you to be sweaty, uncomfortable, and hot while trying to cover up your skin from bugs. Thus, using a bug net, you will enjoy the weather. Also, instead of using toxic chemical sprays like Deet that raises questions about one’s safety. A bug net will keep your health intact.

  • Having peace of mind

Bugs and mosquitoes keep biting people’s bare and unprotected skin. This keeps you from having peace of mind. Therefore, with a bug net, you will enjoy relaxing in your hammock with peace of mind.

  • Easy to carry

Most nets are lightweight and portable that makes them very easy to carry for campers and their trips.


It might not seem as essential for the hammock owners but it is. Mostly to the hikers and backpackers who enjoy the natural environment. It has the benefits like protecting you from harms like bugs biting and peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to buy that bug net for your hammock as you are guaranteed more benefits than you may think.