Hammock Beginners Guide

Six Easy Steps to Hang a Hammock Indoors

Written by yaya

Hammocks are great to relax in, but not everyone has the space for a permanent hammock stand. Luckily, there are many easy ways to hang a hammock indoors that don’t require any tools or professional installation. You can easily set up wherever you have two sturdy posts and enough floor/ceiling height without too many walls getting in the way!  This article will show How to hang a hammock indoors.

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Step By Step Guide How to Hang a Hammock Indoors

Step one: Look for the perfect place.

Find somewhere large enough, ideally at least 50cm from the wall or any other object, and has either ceiling beams or exposed hooks hanging inside your home. Ensure you have two of each, so it’s sturdy and safe. If you can’t find appropriate places in your house, we recommend looking outside undercover, such as an overhang with roofing about 20-30 meters apart, depending on how big you want it! How high up you need to go will depend on the hammock. How much space is around the tree depends on where in your yard, or if it’s indoors or outdoors.

Step two

Make sure it is secure by testing the hammock with one person in each corner. Only when all four support points feel equally strong should anyone risk getting into it – do not get in until this step has been completed because anything feels loose or wobbly. The whole thing will collapse underweight, which could cause injury or death!. The more tension on the ropes/poles, the higher off the ground your hammock will hang- make sure there’s enough space to prevent it from hitting the ground when you get in.

Step three

Once everything feels secure, attach carabiners/clips onto each end of a rope and clip them onto the loops at either end of your hammock. Then tie another loop into these ropes about 20-30cm above where they are attached to keep them off the floor while hanging. If using zip line clips, ensure that there is enough room, so no one trips over!

Step four

If you’re using a hammock stand, then the process is much easier. Untie the knots holding your ropes to each other and attach them onto opposite beams in your chosen spot instead – just like hanging up any normal swing but with less effort!

Step five

For DIYers or anyone who wants more height, there are several ways that you can hang it higher than usual. On walls, use two nails spaced about 30cm apart (without overhanging branches); on trees, make sure they are at least 50cm wide without too many dead leaves around- tie loops around them.

If you want to get in and out easier, use an under the quilt! These are just sleeping bags that attach to your hammock without falling off. You can even unzip them for extra ventilation if it’s not too cold outside or cuddles up when it is!

Step six

If you’re ready for some chilling time, then bring along a hanging chair – they look like regular chairs but hang from the ceiling instead, so there’s no need to find somewhere sturdy enough to support their weight. They’re great because you don’t have to rely on trees.


Don’t forget about baby – if you have one who’s not old enough for bed yet but needs their nap time, too, then bring along a portable cot/crib and rock them gently back and forth while singing lullabies. It will be just like being in mama’s arms outside of her body! This is perfect because it gives mommy some free hands to hold onto something else such as an umbrella when it rains (and other things too!)

Have fun!

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Things to consider when hanging a hammock indoors:

Distance between Two Objects

The distance between the two objects is essential. You need to leave enough room for you and your hammock in case it starts swinging, but not too much space so that one of the ends can touch a wall or surface when hung up. Estimate how high off the ground will be comfortable for you by checking existing hooks on walls.

It should feel like nothing is pressing against your back/butt, which may result from sitting too low where the butt presses into the surface below it if hung too close OR excessively high where legs dangle uncomfortably from the edge of suspended fabric material. How close you hang your hammock indoors should be determined by how far apart the two objects are and a custom fit for personal preference.

How high should they hang?

The average person needs about 12-18″ from their feet touching down while lying flat in a hanging position. With heads slightly higher than legs at roughly 30 degrees above the horizontal plane of flooring, they are typically measured as around 40 inches (101 cm) from floor level. To top of webbing suspension strap on most conventional models if using an included single size rope or cord. How high you hang your hammock can be adjusted by repositioning the hanging straps.

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How high should it be?

There are no standard rules for this, but generally, people try to find a height that makes them feel comfortable while sitting in their new hammock. If your ceiling is low enough, then hang it at standard human height. Otherwise, if you have some extra room available, there is no harm in making things easier on yourself by hanging up higher than usual, so you don’t need to bend over or strain your neck trying to look at something below you.

Do you want a hammock stand?

If you’re planning on using it indoors, then the chances are that’s what you’ll need. But if your ceiling is tall enough and strong enough to hold the weight of the entire hanging structure, then find something between waist and shoulder height to hang it from, such as one sturdy curtain rod or an exposed rafter.


And that’s everything! Enjoy hanging in your new indoor hammock – but remember not to put any weight onto the loops at either end as they are only designed to hold small amounts (like heavy coats) until you get something sturdier instead. Also, make sure there is no mold or mildew on the beams.