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How to Choose a Mexican Hammock

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Written by yaya

People are flocking to Merida in increasing numbers. Buy Mayan hammocks from sellers on the beach or along the roadway in Mexico via cruise delivery. Negotiate and exchange prices, as well as negotiate with vendors to the last penny. by deluding themselves into thinking they’ve made a good purchase However, they were taken aback when they brought the hammock home and set it out in their garden. It’s possible that the hammock isn’t as big as you’d want. Within a few days, it has a hole or breaks down.

Mayan hammocks are all hand-woven in my opinion, and as with any handcrafted item, the quality varies greatly from one to the next. For example, some Mayan hammocks are woven in Mexican jails, where the weaver may sell the hammock and use the money to pay for food and other requirements during his sentence in jail. You can imagine that such conditions aren’t favorable for producing the hammock’s lovely aroma.


The inhabitants of the Yucatan peninsular area of Mexico, near the city of Merida, weave first-rate high-quality Mayans. Mayan Hammocks are usually weaved by trained craftsmen, usually the family’s female members. Vertical handlooms are utilized in weaver’s homes so that they may stay at home with their children while earning extra money. Typically, the ladies will labor 2 to 3 hours every day weaving hammocks and will make one right size hammock over the course of a few weeks. These Mayan Hammocks are known for their high-quality construction.

So, what should you look for while buying a Mayan hammock in Mexico, and how do you choose the right one?

This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of hammock selection.

# There is no odor of mold

The first step is to take a deep breath holding the Mayan hammock to your nose. The hammock should smell as fresh as freshly picked cotton. If you detect signs of mildew This hammock should be avoided. Mayan hammocks are often made in weavers’ backyards. Because it’s easy for a hammock to get soaked in a storm during the rainy season in summer. and for mildew or mold to grow in warm humid environments. A rotting hammock doesn’t last long or is pleasant to use.

# Weaving Artistry

Then you must hold the hammock in your hands and open it up to check the weave, looking for a regular, even, close weave free of snags, pulls, or holes. Mayan hammocks are fragile and easily snagged; snagged hammocks are uncomfortable, and their frequent occurrences are due to naive gringos. A poorly woven hammock will not provide adequate support, and the threads will scrape into your skin, forming a waffle pattern on your exposed areas.

# Type of Cord

Check the stop cords to verify if they’re all the same length; if there are a lot of variations in the length of the stop cords, the hammock won’t be comfortable. This is also a good moment to test the knots that will be used to tie in additional cords or change the color of the cords during the weaving process, making sure they all seem firm so the hammock does not disintegrate.

The hammock’s comfort is determined by its weaving. The tighter and narrower the weave of a hammock, the more comfortable it will be. This implies that the spaces between the cords should be tiny, and the cords should interweave in a diamond pattern so that each line of the rope is supported by the surrounding cords, providing strength and preventing pressure points. This is how Mexican hammocks are manufactured, which is why they are so comfy and where the Mayans sleep.

# The Appropriate Size

Test the comfort and size of the hammock by lying down in it. It’s nearly impossible to determine the proportions of a Mayan Hammock without lying in it; even a little hammock can appear deceptively large even when no one is in it, so try it to prevent overpaying and to ensure you have the right size hammock. I recommend that you spend at least 5 minutes on the hammock getting a feel for its size and comfort level.

# Quality of the Hammock

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You should inspect your hammock’s cords for fraying or damage. Any hammock knots should be near to where the arms connect, rather than in the body. To keep the string from unraveling, the ends should be cleanly chopped or burned.

Breezy Point Mayan Mexican Double Hammock-1

Breezy Point Mayan Mexican Double Hammock

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Hammocks are made by Yucatan Peninsula native artisans.
Because of their unique design, Breezy Point Mayan hammocks are regarded as the most comfortable; handwoven in a way that allows the hammock to form itself to your body and give wonderful relaxation. These handcrafted hammocks have unrivaled beauty, strength, and comfort thanks to this unique heritage and meticulous craftsmanship.
It’s perfect for traveling, camping, or taking to the beach or park because it’s incredibly comfy for two people. It may be hung inside, outside, or even on your yacht. The Breezy Point Double Hammock has everything you need to unwind.

The characteristic Cool hue is a combination of light blues, greens, and purples. The hammock’s bed is made of 100% cotton for comfort, while the end strings are made of nylon for strength.

The hammock’s bed is constructed entirely of fresh cotton and features nylon end strings for enhanced durability.

Breezy Point Mayan Mexican Double Hammock


  • Suitable For One Adult Or Two Children
  • Weight Capacity: 478 lbs
  • Comfort and Strength
  • One Year Warranty


You now have all of the information you need to make an informed Mayan Hammock purchase. Enjoy negotiating over price with the vendor, but keep in mind that producing a top-notch, high-quality Mayan hammock takes time and talent, and the pleasure of owning a superb Mayan hammock is sure to outlast the rush of trying to find a good deal. Remember, the ideal time to get a deal is when both parties are satisfied.