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Easy and Affordable Process to Clean the White Rope Hammock

Easy and Affordable Process to Clean the White Rope Hammock-3
Written by yaya

Surprisingly it is very easy to clean a white rope hammock with a supportive guide. Generally, the white ropes are prone to dirt. If your hammock has been in use or storage over for a long time, the high chances are it needs cleaning before you put it to the following task.

Besides, the rope hammocks are designed with an impressive wooden spreader bar on their ends, and also they are a bit heavy. Further, washing this rope hammock with a washing machine might challenging; thus, the best way to do it is by your hand. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to clean the white rope hammock easily and effectively.

Shake the dirt off

This is the foremost step before you start the cleaning process of your white rope hammock. This process will help get rid of all particulate build-up which is settled on the fabrics. In this case, consider leaving one end of the hammock suspended while shaking the other thoroughly. All pollen dirt, pollen dust, or the tree leaves which may be hiding in folds will easily be removed.

Fill your wading pools or bathtub where you want to clean your white lope hammock

Further, try and keep the spreader bars from the water since the wooden bars contain the rotting risk when dipped inside the water for an extended duration. Thus, ensure the white ropes of the hammock are fully soaked. Instead, you can drape your O-rings over the sides of the pool, rest the wooden spreader bars alongside the edges.

Add the top-quality bleaching powder to the water

Consider adding the oxygenated bleach merchandise to the water. And follow the producer’s instructions right on the container for the appropriate amount of bleach to utilize. It is essential to note that you are not supposed to use excess bleaching powder on the white rope hammock.

This is because it may cause these specific ropes to pale or wholly lose their white color. After adding the bleaching product, allow your hammock to soak inside the water for some hours.

Grasp a handful of white rope in your hand, rubbing them together

Essentially, repeat the rubbing and gathering the procedure, working your ay one end of your hammock to another. These white ropes should be thoroughly rubbed from starting to finishing. Besides, you can also utilize the scrubbing brush to ensure this step more convenient for you. Additionally, take your bucket, add the soapy detergent powder, and use warm water for more perfection.

Consider washing your white rope hammock in liquid two or three times. Scrub the whole hammock bed and white rope arms leading right to galvanized rings using the soft-bristled and soapy mixture. Pay special attention to the mildew areas or stains. And make sure you will rinse the soapy water completely to avoid the dents on your hammock.

Easy and Affordable Process to Clean the White Rope Hammock

Apply the baking soda on tough stains

In this step, lay your white rope hammock on a hard, clean surface like a patio or driveway; this will help you see any remaining dent on your hammock. Fill the bucket with clean water and rinse again to ensure your hammock has no dent at all. If you notice the tough stains, consider pouring a small amount of the baking soda using about 1.2 teaspoons on these hard stains.

Further, utilize the microfiber cloth and scrub the baking soda right on the stains until there are clean. Sometimes the stains might be so disturbing to come out. In this case, combine 7.4 ml baking soda, ½ tablespoon, and 1.2ml water.
Further, mix the ingredients until they are thick, tooth pasting–like substance forms, now cover the stains with this mixture and allow it to stay for about five minutes. Now utilize a clean cloth and wipe the mixture away, and when the paste too much thick, you can add some water to make it a bit thin.

Rinse your hammock with a garden hose

Wipe down your wooden spreader bars using a clean rag. Again consider spreading it down on a dry, clean, and flat surface to wipe every part entirely. Further, allow your hammock to completely dry before utilizing it, and this might take even two days relying o on the humidity and temperature level.

Preferably, you can also hang your white rope hammock outside under any covered area or porch to air dry. However, avoid placing it in direct sunlight since it might fade. Hanging it is the fastest and easy way since it will only take 30 minutes to fully dry on a breezy, warm day. If your hammock rope is cotton, it may shrink a while in drying but will fully stretch back out when used.

Keep it dry

If you want to have a clean white rope hammock for a longer duration, keep it dry and dirt-free. And you can only achieve this by, once you unpack your hammock, spraying your white rope hammock after unpacking using the material guard before its first swing, following the producer’s instructions.

Further, renew this treatment after every five and three months. Don’t hand your white hammock in the direct sun since the rays will eventually fade the synthetics and also weaken the cotton fabric. Additionally, please find the best indoor spot to typically store the hammock in bad weather when it is not in use.

Easy and Affordable Process to Clean the White Rope Hammock-2

Frequently asked questions on cleaning the white rope hammock

Can you bleach the white rope hammock?

The simple answer is yes. The tough stains can only be removed with bleaching products and water combinations recommended on the rope hammocks.

Our rope hammocks relaxing?

Generally, these hammocks are designed to utilize hot and warm climates. Meaning the airflow is typically not constricted, allowing the user and his/her clothing to breathe. Thus, there are considered to be more comfortable as well.

How long can rope hammocks last?

If you consistently clean your white rope hammock, store it appropriately, especially during the bad weather, it can last for even 20 years.


After few weeks of use or a long trip, your white rope hammock will probably be due to cleaning. And the cleaning process should be detailed, simple, and affordable. I made everything easier for white rope hammock owners when it comes to cleaning their white rope hammocks. Consider the above comprehensive guide to effortlessly clean your white rope hammock with an affordable and dependable process to extend its life and use something clean.