Camping Hammock Hammock Buyers Guide

Your Ultimate Guide To Buying Hammocks

your ultimate guide to buying Hammocks
Written by yaya

We primarily use hammocks as our air suspension object for relaxation, sunbathing, and sleeping, but how much do you know about hammocks? Being knowledgeable about hammocks is a necessary experience everyone should have to help them have an easy time choosing the best hammock for their needs.

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Hammocks have been around for over a thousand years, and it has evolved through a different culture and developed in distinctive styles and materials. Due to this, they offer many benefits depending on their characterization.

Therefore, to reap the most from your hammock, we recommend you read our ultimate guide to buying a hammock before purchasing it. When purchasing a hammock, here are the factors to look into;

The Purpose of Using the Hammock

Originally, hammocks were designed for sleeping, but it has become a critical tool for lounging, camping, hiking, sleeping, and more through different cultures and evolution. Hence, there are many designs of hammocks for a different purposes.

It is worth noting that each hammock style is distinct from the other in terms of style, the material used for construction, comfort, resilience, tightness, and more. These features are vital when choosing any hammock style suitable for the purpose you intend to use it.

For instance, sleeping hammocks have a natural curve in the middle without spreaders to allow you to use the entire width of the sling and to avoid squeezing your shoulders and limps.

Contrastingly, lounging hammocks have spreaders and stands at each end to enhance comfort and accommodate couples. Besides, the lounging hammock bed is made of a fast-moisture wicking material like acrylic and vinyl.

Conclusively, the purpose of the hammock determines the construction material and design/type of the hammock you intend to purchase.

The Construction Material

The construction material determines your hammock’s price, durability, and comfort regarding its purpose. In brief;


What should I look for when buying a hammock

Hammocks made of cotton material are ideal for sleeping hammocks and relaxing indoor use. That’s because they are breathable and conform to your body shape, thereby providing superior comfort while sleeping or relaxing indoors. Nonetheless, they are washable, absorb moisture, and wick away moisture.

The only downside to cotton is that it cannot withstand the test of time exposed to outdoor elements. If you intend to use any hammock made of cotton, we recommend you to shelter and highly maintain it to enhance longevity.


What material is best for hammocks - Polyester

Polyester material has excellent weather resistance properties that can withstand all outdoor elements because of its thick cords. Polyester offers a high-moisture wicking ability despite its thicker cords, making it have more significant rain, UV-rays, mold, and mildew resistance.

Polyester feels soft, making it comfortable, but is durable and less likely to fade than cotton when exposed to outdoor elements.


Is a double hammock too big for one person

The quality of nylon material is somewhere in-between the polyester and cotton material when it comes to durability and weather resistance. However, they are slightly firmer than cotton but comfortable with their silky feel.

Despite having more resistance to outdoor elements and a quick-drying ability than cotton, it is not ideal for full-time outdoor exposure.

Conclusively, polyester and nylon are the best choices for lounging, hiking, and camping hammock due to their feel, moisture-wicking ability, and outdoor resistance. In contrast, cotton is best for sleeping and indoor lounging due to its soft feel, flexibility, and breathability.

The Size of the Hammock

When it comes to the size of the hammock, you should check its width and length from its middle section. This will help you determine the number of people it can accommodate and the weight capacity it can comfortably hold up. For instance, a single hammock can support one adult, and its size should range from 39 to 50 inches wide and 76 to 79 inches long.

However, double hammocks are very common and popular as they provide enough room to accommodate two adults. When looking for a double hammock, ensure it can minimally hold up 450 pounds of weight. While the size of its bed should range from 52 to 60 inches in width and 74 to 79 inches in length.

You can opt for either matrimonial/queen or family/king hammocks for ultimate comfort. King or queen hammocks are extra wide and long in size than double hammocks. However, a queen hammock can comfortably accommodate two adults, while a king hammock can accommodate two to three average-sized adults.

Set up or Method of Hanging your Hammock

There are several methods you can use to set up your hammock. But the decision entirely depends on which one is versatile to the purpose of the hammock or your needs. Below are some of the setup methods you may need to consider before you purchase. They include;

Stand Hammock

With a stand hammock, you can use a hammock, whether indoor or outdoor, without attaching your hammock to the tree or poles. This hanging method allows you to hammock anytime and wherever you want to go.

That’s because the stand comes with a carrying case for convenient portability. Besides, the stand is also compatible with any size and type of hammock, thereby allowing you to sleep, lounge, hammock camp, hike, and more.

Hanging Chains/Free Standing Method

You can opt for chains for both indoor and outdoor use, provided you have sturdy support where you can attach the chains to suspend your hammock. The advantage of using chains is that they provide a solid hold that is both strong and firm.

Hanging Straps

If you don’t want to suspend your hammock in one place, this hanging method is your best choice. Hanging straps are made of either polyester or nylon material because they are durable and designed for wrapping around the trees.

If you want an environmentally friendly setup method, we recommend using either a stand hammock or hanging straps.

A stand hammock is the best for convenience, versatility, and portability. You will have two sturdy trees or poles if you want to hammock outdoor using the hanging strap or chain setup method.

Hammock Accessories

If you are a beginner intending to become an enthusiast hammock, you must have all the hammock accessories with you. Hammock accessories include a suspension system, pillow sets, pads, rain tarp, bug net, underquilt or top quilt. With hammock accessories, you can have an easy time if you intend to spend overnight in your hammock if you don’t want to camp in a tent.

If the package does not include the aforementioned accessories, you can purchase them separately to make your hammock experience more comfortable.


This buying guide will ultimately help you with any type of hammock for your best interest in terms of budget, durability, versatility, and comfort.

Avoid cheaper options because it will cost you more in the long run to repair and replace the hammock accessories. With this buying guide basic information, you can high quality hammock that is durable and cost-effective in the long run.